Classic 11" Straight Tube Bong

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Classic 11" Straight Tube Bong
This is a great little get-the-job-done bong at 11" tall. You've got a slitted diffused 4" downstem to smooth things out. Just below the ice pinch you'll find an 18mm female joint that becomes a 14mm female joint with the downstem. Easy to hold and very portable, go with this one and get down to business with this no nonsense bong.
  • Angled Stem
  • Clear Glass
  • Great Daily Driver
  • Great for Herbs!
  • Heavy Duty Mouthpiece
  • Ice Pinch
  • Specifications
  • Base 3.75"
  • Mouthpiece 1.75"
  • Neck 4.75"
  • Overall Width 4.75"
  • SKU: BG1014C

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Price as configured: $44


Bong Cleaning & Care Tips

Clean with Alcohol or Acetone

Keeping your bong clean will lead to a better smoking experience and it’s easy to do. Simply use some rubbing alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover). Pour a small amount in, plug the holes on either end and shake. Acetone will take just a few seconds to remove all the residue, oil and caked on gunk. For the smaller items using a bottle brush, pipe cleaner or cotton swap will help get in to the tight spots. Wash with water once you’re done and make sure you do this in a ventilated area. (If you have screen printed graphics on your bong be careful of acetone, we have never seen an issue but we can’t say for sure).